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Welcome to The Speaker's Corner - The Debating Club
Children are naturally curious and ask countless questions about anything and everything in the world around them. Children asking questions and having healthy discussions is necessary to satisfy a child's inquisitive brain.

Why Debate?

The art of debate is a valuable skill that every child should develop. Debating teaches children to analyse, rationalise, put forward comprehensive view point, and disagree politely. Moreover, it helps children improve their academic performance and scores as they learn to research, prioritise and write evidence-based arguments

Join us for live debate 

Our Courses


Our courses are designed to develop art of public speaking and expression of the views among children. We practice free speech but in controlled environment wherein children debate on national and international issues freely while understanding and respecting social connotations.


Aug 26- Humanity Should fear advances in AI? 

What to expect?

In an era where technological progress is reshaping the boundaries of human achievement, few innovations have garnered as much attention and controversy as Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its potential to revolutionise industries, augment human capabilities, and reshape the very fabric of society, AI has ignited both excitement and trepidation. While some view it as a beacon of progress, others caution that humanity should harbor concerns about the relentless march of AI's capabilities. As we stand at the crossroads of technological evolution, the debate surrounding the implications of AI underscores the pivotal question: should humanity fear the advances in AI?.​ Join our lively debate and enrich your 

Remember winning team will get Debating Hero Certificate 




About  Us:

Ishaan is a Grade 12th student at Modern School, Delhi (India). He has a passion for exploring, debating and belives that every problem has a solution. Being a health-freak, Ishaan spends quality time on his personal and mental wellbeing and have done extensive work for the under-privileged section of the society. 


 Vivaan is a Year 6 student at Weatherby Prep School, he is 10 and is the founder of  V-Campus and is the host of all Upcoming Debates. He is based in London and is the brand ambassador of  The Oscar Foundation. Being passionate about critical thinking and effective communication, he believes that a Speaker's Corner- The Debating Club would be an excellent platform to show case and develop the art of communication.  Vivaan is a Star War fan and in sports enjoys shooting, golf, football and is a big supporter of  PSG (Paris Saint German) 

Upcoming Debate
How to Prepare for a Debate 

1. Select a Topic of interest


2. Register your interest by email at 


3. Research the Topic well and map out an argument

4. Explore a variety of view points on the subject

5. Prepare your short speech and practice with family or friends

6. Remember not to argue across the other children and talk over them.


7. Show respect to others and be prepared to disagree but gracefully. 

8. Never made any personal attacks 

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