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Boot Camp  provides real training strengths for law students and  young lawyers who come out of law school with a lot of hopes and aspirations, but need to know the nitty-gritty of corporate world.



Bootcamp is open to law students, lawyers, industry professionals, and others who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the law and business.



Why BootCamp

BootCamps are designed by practitioner and in-house lawyers hence provides a  practical overview of the topic. Students benefit from :

- top-rated faculty members, who tend to be specialist in the subject,
- our unique delivery method which encourage participation of students as an individual and also as member of a group.
- personal attention, and includes an integrative project.

Our Teachers  

BootCamp is run by a team comprising of specialist practitioners, in-house lawyers and also guest lecturers from the industry.​

BootCamp can be one of the most rewarding experience of your professional life. You will be part of a group and your performance would be evaluated not only as an individual but also as a team member. Bootcamp is a day of indulgence and rigorous activities which you would be tasked to perform as a team.”
BootCamp offers a great opportunity to get a slice of practitioner’s perspective and client’s expectation. It makes you like the profession because know you know how law works in practice.”
Great experience, great instruction delivery method and excellent faculty.''


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