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British Summer School - Designed For The Real World.




V-Campus is a unique education platform designed to generate employability skills among law students and young lawyers.

Industry-focused courses

Our Courses


Our courses are designed by academicians, practicing professional and in-house lawyers. Accordingy courses are  for students who wish to gain a deeper, contextual and practical understanding of how commercial law operates in practice.


Career Support

An employer’s first impression of you is often formed by a cursory glance at your CV.  Your CV must stand out among the tens or hundreds. Don’t miss the chance.


Our CV and Covering Letter service is designed to ensure that the presentation and content of both documents is perfectly suited to the role for which you are applying.


We can offer personalised assistance in


- Covering Letter and CV

- Job Application Forms

- Interviews

- Test


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Upcoming Courses
  • April | Franchising Law
  • May | Media Law
  • June | BootCamp
  • July | British Summer School
students how to apply their knowledge to the real world



Participants attending Bootcamp will explore diverse areas of specific law from the perspective of the client’s requirement.

The program is designed and run by practitioners and in-house lawyers covering the topics which are of practical utility.

Bootcamp is open to lawyers and law students who are interested in broadening their knowledge of the law and business.


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